The Company's Director of Electromechanics, Chiu Yu-Chuan, received an emergency repair call from Wanfang Hospital about the cooling tower failure.

Even though the failure was outside of the Company's scope of responsibility, he still did all he could to to help the customer fix the failure.

Since he dealt with the issue appropriately, he was able to earn the customer's trust.

His actions conform to the Company's servant spirit: altruism, service, and humility.

The Chairman took the time to gather colleagues to recognize Chiu's actions, and encouraged everyone to follow the example he has set to serve customers with the spirit of a servant and a proactive attitude.

Here's a recap of what happened:

9/20 4:30 PM. We received a call from the Information Technology Office in the Medical Building of Wanfang Hospital. Due to a power surge at Taipower, the cooling tower shut down, causing the temperature to rise to 41 degrees centigrade in the Information Technology Office. The Office asked us for emergency repairs.


The measuring instrument installation at Topoint Technology had just ended, so I rushed to the scene at 17:20. Checking the cause of the fault at the site, I found that the fusible plug on the discharge side condenser has melted. Since the refrigerant has leaked through the plug, I immediately contacted the the Company's customer service and Chief Engineer Peng.

After some discussions, it was decided that I would go buy a fusible plug nearby, while my colleague in maintenance, Da-De, who was on duty, would work on the system. I found an air conditioner company nearby who could help with replacing the fusible plug and fix the refrigerant system, so we asked them to repair the system. Da-de arrived around 19:40 and got a look at the situation.

Since the air conditioning company was already handling the repairs, I asked Da-de to go back and rest. At 20:30, I called the Company President to brief him on the situation.


The repair included:

Replacing the condenser fusible plug and repairing the refrigerant system: refilling refrigerant oil, pulling vacuum, letting it stand to check vacuum seal, and refilling refrigerant.

After turning it on for testing, the cooling water was found to be too hot since the condenser was dirty. Cleaning chemicals were then added to wash the cooling tower and condenser.


The repairs were completed around 23:00. I left after reporting it to the Director of Information Technology Office.