The Energy Service Business Unit, formerly Swat Energy Technology, was acquired by Cheng Long Intelligent Engineering in 2013. In 2017, the name was changed to Cheng Long Energy Technology. It was honored as an excellent ESCO for three years in a row, and can provide a total energy solution for the customer. Measures to improve energy conservation can be done in two ways:


Upgrading existing system or equipment:
Upgrading the performance of existing system or equipment to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption and cutting costs.
Installing energy conservation system or equipment:After helping users evaluate the risks and costs, help users install appropriate energy conserving equipment or system to replace the existing equipment or system in order to achieve the goal of energy conservation and high efficiency operation.


clie awards

REnergy system

Energy management system:
  • Operation management
  • Data variance analysis and management
  • Energy conservation analysis and management
  • System efficiency comparison and management
  • Seasonal temperature control and management
  • Demand control management
  • Leak management
  • Energy management
  • Fault prevention management