1. Provides Labor Insurance and National Health Insurance. Contributes to labor pension and group insurance.

2. Paid vacations (in accordance to Labor Standards Act)

3. Year-end bonus + performance bonus (in accordance to the Company's Rules governing performance bonuses)

4. Contributes to the employee benefit fund for benefit activities including:

  • Mid-autumn Festival gift money, Dragon Boat Festival gift money and birthday gift money
  • Domestic and foreign travel; employee recreational sports activity
  • Scholarships for the children of staff
  • Senior employee recognition
  • Annual health check; consolation gift money for hospitalization
  • Subsidization for weddings and funerals
5. Training:

Utilizing talent, keeping talent, cultivating talent, giving talent a stage
We value every one of our colleagues regardless of position. As long as they are active, capable and ambitious, the company promises to provide an excellent working environment and the opportunity to learn and develop, as well as a fair chance for promotion. We welcome talented individuals to join and grow with Cheng Long Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as our partner.

  • 2016員工團體健身活動
  • 2018小琉球員工旅遊
  • 20200420
  • 2014年日本大阪員工旅遊
  • 2017員工子女獎學金