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Cheng Long Intelligent Engineering was founded in 1987. In 2017, it changed its name to Cheng Long Energy Technology. It started as a construction company, building houses for customers as if for themselves. Later, their businesses expanded to include railway tracks and international trade.

As public awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation has risen, Cheng Long Energy Technology has established the Energy Conservation Business Unit. It has integrated the technology and ability accrued in other business units to go to eagerly work in the energy service industry by offering customers a comprehensive energy conservation solution that cuts down costs, reduces energy waste, and improves energy efficiency. Cheng Long Energy Technology has been honored an excellent ESCO for three years in a row. In response to the every-increasing power demands in recent years, Cheng Long Energy Technology introduced the demand response policy to Taiwan. The policy can reduce the load on power plants through energy conservation and create profits for customers through the reward system.

Cheng Long sells results, not equipment. Cheng Long creates profits for customers and helps protect mother earth by reducing energy waste with energy conservation as a means. Cheng Long earns its customer's trust through its expertise, brings first-class service with an active and eager attitude, with a goal of becoming synonymous with service.