4S's Small Skilled Specialized Satisfied

The three major business units operate independently but are unified through function and support each other.

Small:Emphasizing quality over scale.

Skilled:Using expert skills and technology to optimize systems.

Specialized:Leading the field in technology and offering long-term energy conservation solution through big data analysis

Satisfied:Continuous improvement to customer satisfaction and service quality aided by large data centers.




  • Adding value  making 1+1 > 2 come true
  • Market side: Domestic Market (Railway track + Energy services) → International Business Unit → International Market

    Product side: Equipment energy conservation → System optimization → Big data analysis, energy conservation by management → Equipment management → Renergy→ESCO→
    Long-term energy conservation in the circular economy mode

  • Lowering costs 1 -1<0
  •  Function-oriented organizational structure

  • Innovation
  •  Traditional building + ICT + energy conservation → intelligent energy efficient green building


    Service in depth

    The operating strategy covers four facets including product line, product itself, system, and technology. Service is planned with breadth and depth.



    • Sustainable operation

    The board of directors is setup by the company to determine the direction for development and essential strategies for the company. Aside from the chairman, CEO and shareholder, the board of directors also consists of independent directors with expertise in different fields who can provide a variety of perspectives and opinions.

    Considering the need to train successors, the company has set up a system of temporary project positions for the CEO. Cultivating 2nd and 3rd generation successors have always been part of the Company's plan for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

    Every business unit is led by its respective vice president, who directs its teams to perform jobs including business development, design and planning, construction, and customer service.

    • Continuing service

    The energy service business model designed by the company separates the energy expert system from maintenance and operation. With big data analysis, the existing maintenance service can be provided while expanding to include predictive maintenance, helping to preserve the efficiency of the energy conservation system and achieve energy maintenance and operation management. As such, the goal of long-term energy conservation can be attained.


    Implementation of ICT

    • Dynamic management of building orders (ERP)
    • Temporary worker management (ERP)
    • Quality Control(ERP)
    • Remote monitoring and control of system operation
    • Customer Service(ERP)
    • ERP
    • wa

    Customer comes first

    clie your home

    Master Cheng Yen of Tzu Ji gave these words of encouragement to Cheng Long -

    Build each house as if it is your own


    The Chairman advocates the【Servant】spirit






    Customer Satisfaction Survey


    Certificate of Appreciation

    Priority in conflicts of interest

    Client>Staff>Shareholder>Society>Personal Benefit

    The Chairman applies the Buddhist concept of altruism to the operations of the company

    Customers always come first; the interests of the staff shall be protected; be accountable to the shareholder; give back to the society; and put personal interests last.

    The concept is promoted in corporate culture and the company leader turns it into action, and the staff

    So the proactive attitude and the giving spirit can be incorporated into work and life.

    The Chairman standing composed in front of Tianxiang Temple, built by the Cheng Long group.